what to text a girl you likeWe used to talk about pick up lines. We used worry about the first phone call. Then, for a bit, it was ‘what to email a girl you like. Now we have the latest version of trying to hit on someone lines, what to text a girl you like.

In general, what to text a girl you like is the same answer that you get when you look for good pick up lines.

The key to being success in the dating game, or trying to date game, or hook up game or whatever you want to call it, is to stand out from the crowd, be funny, and pique her curiosity. in that order.

Let’s start with objective number one, stand out from the crowd. Let’s face it, we all get tons of junk email, and now we get junk texts too. Plus, if you don’t really know the girl well, say you just got her number from a party, she may not even know who you are when you text her! So, “hey what’s up?” is NOT what to text a girl you like.

Actually, I think that’s a lame line to text to anyone.

Your opening line needs some BANG and pizzazz.

Try this: “Quick, get inside! The lion has escaped from the zoo! Are you OK?”

Or try this: “You have 3 gallons of ice cream in the fridge. The power is out and you can only eat one. Do you eat the Butter Pecan, Chunky Monkey or Brownie Fudge? This is George from the party, btw!”

These are awesome things to text a girl you like! I actually just nailed all three points in one. WOW. I’m really good! They make you stand out, they will give her a smile and she will definitely be curious about what you are going to come up with next. Yes, at some point you’ll have to come up with this on your own, I can’t be your personal flirt-er. She’ll find out eventually if you don’t come up with your own material!

OK. There is more to what to text a girl you like.

Don’t be desperate. Don’t be super fast to respond when she answers you back. Take your time and remember that you are stirring her curiosity and curiosity killed the cat. So, slow down.

If you want to ask her out, keep it SUPER informal. No candle lit dinners just yet! try a simple “Hey I get off work and I’m headed to Barnes and Noble. I’ll buy you a coffee if you buy me a book!” is a great non pushy invitation.

Actually, this works really well, the only down side being that you need to go to the book store after work in case she shows up. I personally think that the book store is better than inviting her to the bar or Starbucks, you’ll look classier and more serious at the book store.

Of course, there are more things that you can text to a girl you like but these are good examples for the start. For a complete solution to get a girl out with you by text messaging check my review on Magnetic Messaging by Bobby Rio.

Now that you know what to text a girl you like, go practice!

See you in the next post!