Ways To Get A Girl To Text You BackHopefully you read my former post about what to text a girl you like. If not, it’s worth five minutes of your time, in my opinion.

Now that you know how to stand out from the crown, be funny and make her curious, the next step in the game is ways to get a girl to text you back.

If you did the first three steps right, you’ve probably already said in your first text ways to get a girl to text you back. She undoubtedly will feel compelled to answer. No worries though, I’m not leaving you hanging, I’ll give you more examples of ways to get a girl to text you back.

Questions are a wonderful little tool because they compelled an answer, at least in her mind she is conversing with you, and hopefully, she’ll be texting you to. here are a few other hooks that you can send her to get her to text back.

Try this: “Hi mom! I just finished cleaning your car! Where should I meet you at for lunch?”

This is slightly on the crafty side, but it has been known to work, especially if you know the girl and she’s in your phone book. After all, who wants some poor mom car less?

Or you can give this a try: “Dad, I’m on the Millionaire Show and you are my last lifeline. How much did donald trump make last year?We have 2 minutes!!!!”

Who can resist answering that crazy text?

The point is, you want to leave her with a question that has also made her smile, at least to herself. Remember, people like to help other people naturally, so asking for help is a great way to increase the odds of getting an answer.

Other ways to get a girl to text you back include jokes like “What’s white on top and black on the bottom?” She could very easily feel compelled to ask you for the answer. You see, even YOU feel compelled to text ME for the answer! Sorry man, you’ll have to go find the answer yourself, this is G rated.

What if you’ve already texted her a few times and she hasn’t got back to you? Well, time is a pretty major factor. How many times did you text her? How soon after she meet you? Did you leave a space in between texts? Remember the point I mentioned above and don’t be desperate for her attention.

I would probably bet that you did text her anything super creative like the ideas that I’ve given you here. I would suggest that you try one of my zany ideas and see if you get a response.

If she doesn’t answer you back after a crazy, fun text, she may just not be that into you after all. Move on, dating is, after all, a numbers game. So go out and get more phone numbers if this number doesn’t text you back!

To increase your chances to get any girl by text messaging click here. You can also check the video below for more tips…

See you soon!