How To Turn A Girl On Over TextI always write about what people want to read, but this one is a little over my head. I mean seriously, why would you want to turn a girl on over text? I mean I GET it, I’m not that dumb or old fashioned. What I really want to know is why not just turn her on in person? Why are you limiting yourself to text messages? Why are you limiting yourself to 150 characters or less? That’s tough!

I guess I should know about your status with the girl that you are trying to turn a girl on over text. I mean cold leads are quite a bit more difficult to convert into a sale than a hot lead. If you get my illustration.

Since I feel obligated to respond to the question of how to turn a girl on over text, I am going to keep to the basics and I refuse to get really trashy (check my post on tips for texting a woman if you are looking for this kind of advice).

What does it mean to turn someone on?

It doesn’t really matter whether we are talking about turning on a male or female, the phrase means to get that person thinking about sex, preferably with you.

With that definition in mind, how can you turn a girl on over text subtly, perhaps even making her feel like it’s her idea? Really, if you make her feel manipulated, that can seriously backfire and set you way out of the game. Of course, there is a big difference here in that your current status with the girl is a major factor. I mean if you’ve already hooked up, it should be easier to turn a girl on over text. If it’s a new person that you’ve only seen a time or two, your in much deeper water.

Keep in mind that the reason that this can be a pretty tricky subject because we are talking about by TEXT. Words can be pretty devoid of feeling and feeling is exactly what you need in this scenario.

There are lots of methods to turn a girl on and many of them include tones of your voice, touches, facial expressions as well as other body language, or non verbal’s, as they are called. None of this really applies to turn a girl on over text, you’re really starting out of the gate slightly disadvantaged to begin with.

Your only key left is to use visual pictures to get her mind working in your direction. What I’m talking about are phrases that make her wonder about sex. That is the first key. For example, you might mention something like this “Have you ever heard that sex is better on a full moon?” Just the hint, which creates a mental images, which puts her down a path that can be explored in further detail. You can then continue on that train of though by adding “Wow, there is a full moon out tonight…”

In my opinion, your best bet is to start the hints and then suggest you get together for a beer.

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All the best!