best flirting tips for guysFlirting by text has become the way everybody meets and dates anyone. So if you are asking your self how to take this everyday task to the elevated classy level, then please continue to read my text flirting tips for guys. If you are a girl, please don’t read these text flirting tips for guys because they won’t help you flirt back and you’ll just be ruining it for yourself as guys try to implement these skills in flirting with you. I have a whole other section for the flirting ladies out there.

OK. On the top of the list of text flirting tips for guys, is the stand out from the crowd tip.

In all flirting, it helps to keep yourself apart from the crowd, so standing out as different is a huge plus as you flirt. Nothing is worse that getting a girl all warmed up…for someone else. Or worse yet, when she forgets who you are completely.

To stand out, you need about 5 opening lines that will make you stand out. If you already have a friendship going, it’s probably easier to flirt with the girl, but if you don’t know her well, you’ll have to slow down at first, before you jump right in. You could text her that you saved her phone number under the name ‘sexiest girl I know’ and ask her if it’s OK to keep her filed under that name. You can also tell her that your on a treasure hunt for the sexiest girl alive and ask her to help you win.

All text flirting tips for guys are going to include some playful and obviously joking types of lines, but yet they all will communicate that you think she is hot.

Another text flirting tips for guys is to tell her that you are trying to learn how to text flirt. Tell her you are really bad at it and you need her help to get better, strictly platonic, of course. Ask her what the worst flirting text she ever got was.Text her some of you best one line hits and ask her if it makes her hot or not. Keep playing for four or five texts, then tell her that you are feeling a little discouraged and ask her what text would really turn her on. This is a super tricky tip, because she is now flirting with YOU, even though she may not realize it yet.

After you get her flirting with you, tell her that you need to go because all this flirting is really turning you on. Ask her what to text that would really send her over the edge. Then tell her that you are out of minutes on the phone and ask if she would continue tutoring you in person.

I know that the first text flirting tips for guys works for sure. I’m less sure about the tutoring in person tip. If that works for you well, could you please post the results for us, as I’m sure all of my readers are dying to know how that one turns out!

I hope that this post was helpful for you and I wish you just the best!

P.S. – below is also a short video from YouTube that contains few more flirting tips that may help you…