Tips For Texting A WomanTexting a woman is not the same as texting a girl. Well, let me take that back. The basic principle is the same, make yourself unique, make her laugh and be creative. However if you want added tips for texting a women, I’ll probably stick to what not to do, in additions to giving you tips for texting a women.

I’ll give you several tips for texting a women here in this posts. The first tips is to understand the objective of your text. If it’s your first text ever to her, your goal is to just get her thinking about you again. Other texts might have the goal of getting her to text you back or maybe just get her to smile. All of these objectives are part of building rapport with the ultimate goal of asking her out.

The next tip is a little more obvious, but I’ll include it as a reminder. Avoid boring questions, like “so hows it going?” If you read my other posts, you’ll already know that a question like that does absolutely NOTHING for your cause. Try a little bit snazzier question like “Does this snow make you want to stay indoors or go out and play?” are much better at sparking her interest in your text. Plus, interesting questions can often lead to interesting answers that you can use later on if you end up dating her.

Included in my top tips for texting a women is to be the one to end the texting (something that I’ve talked about in my former post on ways to get a girl to text you back). Don’t over stay your welcome, you’ll keep her interested by keeping it clear that you aren’t a texting stalker with nothing better to do that text for hours. There is no greater turn OFF than to feel like you can’t get away or to wish that you would suddenly lose signal for a little while! Brief texts that are fun and engaging and then DONE are much more effective at keeping her responding.

When you are ready to ask her out, keep the invitation low key and no pressure. Try simple invitations like “I’ve got some friends over for pizza. If you bring a beer I’ll save you a slice!” or “Friday night is tapas and jazz at Chris’s house, feel free to bring a friend and join us if you don’t have other plans.” These invitation show that you are confident, already have a social life and that you aren’t desperate.

And finally, of all the tips for texting a women, this one is the best!

Be a gentleman. Stay polite and respectful. Don’t swear like a sailor, be sincere and don’t talk about other girls. Women like classy men. Not that you have to be James Bond and drink martinis and wear a suit (although that worked pretty well for him!), but make sure she views you as a man, not a boy and not a jerk.

As I wrap this up, I hope you took notes of my tips for texting a women! Remember to stay light hearted and funny, be polite and charming and don’t use up all her minutes in one shot!