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best flirting tips for guys

Easy And Useful Text Flirting Tips For Guys


best flirting tips for guysFlirting by text has become the way everybody meets and dates anyone. So if you are asking your self how to take this everyday task to the elevated classy level, then please continue to read my text flirting tips for guys. If you are a girl, please don’t read these text flirting tips for guys because they won’t help you flirt back and you’ll just be ruining it for yourself as guys try to implement these skills in flirting with you. I have a whole other section for the flirting ladies out there.

OK. On the top of the list of text flirting tips for guys, is the stand out from the crowd tip.

In all flirting, it helps to keep yourself apart from the crowd, so standing out as different is a huge plus as you flirt. Nothing is worse that getting a girl all warmed up…for someone else. Or worse yet, when she forgets who you are completely.

To stand out, you need about 5 opening lines that will make you stand out. If you already have a friendship going, it’s probably easier to flirt with the girl, but if you don’t know her well, you’ll have to slow down at first, before you jump right in. You could text her that you saved her phone number under the name ‘sexiest girl I know’ and ask her if it’s OK to keep her filed under that name. You can also tell her that your on a treasure hunt for the sexiest girl alive and ask her to help you win.

All text flirting tips for guys are going to include some playful and obviously joking types of lines, but yet they all will communicate that you think she is hot.

Another text flirting tips for guys is to tell her that you are trying to learn how to text flirt. Tell her you are really bad at it and you need her help to get better, strictly platonic, of course. Ask her what the worst flirting text she ever got was.Text her some of you best one line hits and ask her if it makes her hot or not. Keep playing for four or five texts, then tell her that you are feeling a little discouraged and ask her what text would really turn her on. This is a super tricky tip, because she is now flirting with YOU, even though she may not realize it yet.

After you get her flirting with you, tell her that you need to go because all this flirting is really turning you on. Ask her what to text that would really send her over the edge. Then tell her that you are out of minutes on the phone and ask if she would continue tutoring you in person.

I know that the first text flirting tips for guys works for sure. I’m less sure about the tutoring in person tip. If that works for you well, could you please post the results for us, as I’m sure all of my readers are dying to know how that one turns out!

I hope that this post was helpful for you and I wish you just the best!

P.S. – below is also a short video from YouTube that contains few more flirting tips that may help you…



How To Turn A Girl On Over Text

How To Turn A Girl On Over Text – Few Things To Consider



How To Turn A Girl On Over TextI always write about what people want to read, but this one is a little over my head. I mean seriously, why would you want to turn a girl on over text? I mean I GET it, I’m not that dumb or old fashioned. What I really want to know is why not just turn her on in person? Why are you limiting yourself to text messages? Why are you limiting yourself to 150 characters or less? That’s tough!

I guess I should know about your status with the girl that you are trying to turn a girl on over text. I mean cold leads are quite a bit more difficult to convert into a sale than a hot lead. If you get my illustration.

Since I feel obligated to respond to the question of how to turn a girl on over text, I am going to keep to the basics and I refuse to get really trashy (check my post on tips for texting a woman if you are looking for this kind of advice).

What does it mean to turn someone on?

It doesn’t really matter whether we are talking about turning on a male or female, the phrase means to get that person thinking about sex, preferably with you.

With that definition in mind, how can you turn a girl on over text subtly, perhaps even making her feel like it’s her idea? Really, if you make her feel manipulated, that can seriously backfire and set you way out of the game. Of course, there is a big difference here in that your current status with the girl is a major factor. I mean if you’ve already hooked up, it should be easier to turn a girl on over text. If it’s a new person that you’ve only seen a time or two, your in much deeper water.

Keep in mind that the reason that this can be a pretty tricky subject because we are talking about by TEXT. Words can be pretty devoid of feeling and feeling is exactly what you need in this scenario.

There are lots of methods to turn a girl on and many of them include tones of your voice, touches, facial expressions as well as other body language, or non verbal’s, as they are called. None of this really applies to turn a girl on over text, you’re really starting out of the gate slightly disadvantaged to begin with.

Your only key left is to use visual pictures to get her mind working in your direction. What I’m talking about are phrases that make her wonder about sex. That is the first key. For example, you might mention something like this “Have you ever heard that sex is better on a full moon?” Just the hint, which creates a mental images, which puts her down a path that can be explored in further detail. You can then continue on that train of though by adding “Wow, there is a full moon out tonight…”

In my opinion, your best bet is to start the hints and then suggest you get together for a beer.

If you are looking for a complete solution on how to get a girl by text messaging and then turn her on, in that case check my review on Magnetic Messaging now. You can also check the video below for some other text messaging ideas that may help you…

All the best!



Ways To Get A Girl To Text You Back

Ways To Get A Girl To Text You Back – Learn How To Do It Now



Ways To Get A Girl To Text You BackHopefully you read my former post about what to text a girl you like. If not, it’s worth five minutes of your time, in my opinion.

Now that you know how to stand out from the crown, be funny and make her curious, the next step in the game is ways to get a girl to text you back.

If you did the first three steps right, you’ve probably already said in your first text ways to get a girl to text you back. She undoubtedly will feel compelled to answer. No worries though, I’m not leaving you hanging, I’ll give you more examples of ways to get a girl to text you back.

Questions are a wonderful little tool because they compelled an answer, at least in her mind she is conversing with you, and hopefully, she’ll be texting you to. here are a few other hooks that you can send her to get her to text back.

Try this: “Hi mom! I just finished cleaning your car! Where should I meet you at for lunch?”

This is slightly on the crafty side, but it has been known to work, especially if you know the girl and she’s in your phone book. After all, who wants some poor mom car less?

Or you can give this a try: “Dad, I’m on the Millionaire Show and you are my last lifeline. How much did donald trump make last year?We have 2 minutes!!!!”

Who can resist answering that crazy text?

The point is, you want to leave her with a question that has also made her smile, at least to herself. Remember, people like to help other people naturally, so asking for help is a great way to increase the odds of getting an answer.

Other ways to get a girl to text you back include jokes like “What’s white on top and black on the bottom?” She could very easily feel compelled to ask you for the answer. You see, even YOU feel compelled to text ME for the answer! Sorry man, you’ll have to go find the answer yourself, this is G rated.

What if you’ve already texted her a few times and she hasn’t got back to you? Well, time is a pretty major factor. How many times did you text her? How soon after she meet you? Did you leave a space in between texts? Remember the point I mentioned above and don’t be desperate for her attention.

I would probably bet that you did text her anything super creative like the ideas that I’ve given you here. I would suggest that you try one of my zany ideas and see if you get a response.

If she doesn’t answer you back after a crazy, fun text, she may just not be that into you after all. Move on, dating is, after all, a numbers game. So go out and get more phone numbers if this number doesn’t text you back!

To increase your chances to get any girl by text messaging click here. You can also check the video below for more tips…

See you soon!



what to text a girl you like

What To Text A Girl You Like – Awesome Ideas And Examples



what to text a girl you likeWe used to talk about pick up lines. We used worry about the first phone call. Then, for a bit, it was ‘what to email a girl you like. Now we have the latest version of trying to hit on someone lines, what to text a girl you like.

In general, what to text a girl you like is the same answer that you get when you look for good pick up lines.

The key to being success in the dating game, or trying to date game, or hook up game or whatever you want to call it, is to stand out from the crowd, be funny, and pique her curiosity. in that order.

Let’s start with objective number one, stand out from the crowd. Let’s face it, we all get tons of junk email, and now we get junk texts too. Plus, if you don’t really know the girl well, say you just got her number from a party, she may not even know who you are when you text her! So, “hey what’s up?” is NOT what to text a girl you like.

Actually, I think that’s a lame line to text to anyone.

Your opening line needs some BANG and pizzazz.

Try this: “Quick, get inside! The lion has escaped from the zoo! Are you OK?”

Or try this: “You have 3 gallons of ice cream in the fridge. The power is out and you can only eat one. Do you eat the Butter Pecan, Chunky Monkey or Brownie Fudge? This is George from the party, btw!”

These are awesome things to text a girl you like! I actually just nailed all three points in one. WOW. I’m really good! They make you stand out, they will give her a smile and she will definitely be curious about what you are going to come up with next. Yes, at some point you’ll have to come up with this on your own, I can’t be your personal flirt-er. She’ll find out eventually if you don’t come up with your own material!

OK. There is more to what to text a girl you like.

Don’t be desperate. Don’t be super fast to respond when she answers you back. Take your time and remember that you are stirring her curiosity and curiosity killed the cat. So, slow down.

If you want to ask her out, keep it SUPER informal. No candle lit dinners just yet! try a simple “Hey I get off work and I’m headed to Barnes and Noble. I’ll buy you a coffee if you buy me a book!” is a great non pushy invitation.

Actually, this works really well, the only down side being that you need to go to the book store after work in case she shows up. I personally think that the book store is better than inviting her to the bar or Starbucks, you’ll look classier and more serious at the book store.

Of course, there are more things that you can text to a girl you like but these are good examples for the start. For a complete solution to get a girl out with you by text messaging check my review on Magnetic Messaging by Bobby Rio.

Now that you know what to text a girl you like, go practice!

See you in the next post!

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