Magnetic Messaging Review – The Truth On Bobby Rio’s System

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If you are one of these guys who are able to meet women and get their phone numbers just to find out that you are getting into trouble when you want to hook up, then I guess that you already heard about Magnetic Messaging by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge – one of the most popular text messaging systems available online today.

I guess that you already checked some Magnetic Messaging reviews online and probably in most cases heard things like “Magnetic Messaging is the perfect solution and easiest system to turn a woman on and get her out, no matter who is she”.

However, as you probably know, today it’s very easy for many people to post fake reviews and testimonials across the web and I bet that about 95% of the people who told you such things in their Magnetic Messaging “review” didn’t even read one word from the main guide and never tried Bobby Rio’s strategies by themselves!

I purchased the Magnetic Messaging program before few months and in the next few minutes I will try to help you understand what you can expect from Magnetic Messaging and if this system is the right choice for you or not.

Bear in mind that this is only my personal Magnetic Messaging review which is based on my own experience with Bobby Rio’s system.

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Now, before I will talk about the pros & cons of Magnetic Messaging, let’s firstly understand what Bobby Rio’s program is all about.


What Exactly Is Magnetic Messaging?


magnetic messaging does it workDeveloped by Bobby Rio, the founder of the TSB Magazine and one of the most respected relationship experts online, along with the famous journalist Rob Judge, Magnetic Messaging is a new program that can be described as a complete solution to deal with text messaging woman.

The Magnetic Messaging system contains several components and few bonuses such as video tutorials, different EBooks, templates of text massages, private online community forum and more, however the most important part of this system is the Magnetic Messaging main guide that describes the famous “Key Lock Sequence“.

Bobby Rio believes that once a guy gets a phone number from a woman, his window of opportunities is closing very fast and he needs to act quickly. Very important things like monopolize her attention and getting a strong emotional connection are required and doing the things the right way and in the right time are “a must” in order to boost your chances to get this woman.

In order to achieve this goal Bobby Rio designed a very unique text massaging action plan, called the “Key Lock Sequence”.
I won’t describe the exact Key Lock Sequence plan here because it is copyrighted; however in short here are the 3 steps of this action plan:

Step number 1 – you send your woman an emotional text massage that will capture her attention and shows her immediately that you are a different guy.

Step number 2 – You send her a massage that will show her she is not just some “random number” but much more than that. This step must be done in order to bond with her and make her imaging spending time with you in the future.

Step number 3 – The last massage you sent her is the “final bomb” which supposed to make her desperate to spend time with you and finally to think about sleeping with.

This is in short the main steps of the Key Lock Sequence and according to Bobby Rio by following his exact plan you will be able to turn your woman on and get her out, even if you always failed before.

However, does the Magnetic Messaging system really work? And more important, is it really for you?

To answer these questions and in order to understand better if the Magnetic Messaging system is actually for you let’s take a look at the most important pros and cons of it.


The Pros Of Magnetic Messaging


magnetic messaging book guaranteeA Complete System And Not Just One Guide

One of the best things about Magnetic Messaging is that it is not just another “text massaging guide” but instead it is a very comprehensive system.

When purchasing the Magnetic Messaging system you will get several components besides the Magnetic Messaging Training Guide such as “The Infatuation Formula” advanced video training course, the 99 Best Texts of All Time eBook and the Magnetic Mastermind Kit which is probably one of the most comprehensive training courses you will ever find online.

The Magnetic Mastermind Kit is optional and you will get 30 days free trial for it, however it is very reasonable priced in my opinion and I will highly recommended it for at least another two months for these guys who feel they need the best training possible.

A Step-By-Step Easy To Follow Program

Another thing that I really like about Magnetic Messaging is the fact that everything inside the main guide, videos and other eBooks is very easy to understand and Bobby Rio provides very good examples for almost any condition you can imagine.

In the unlikely event that you will not find answer for your question you can always contact the Magnetic Messaging support team and from my experience you will probably get an answer in less than 24 hours.

Developed by A Real Expert

Sadly, these days there are tons of guides that promise to teach you how to get any girl by text massaging. Most of these guides were written by people who don’t have any experience in this field that simply found pieces of information online and decided to make some money from it.

However, I won’t say that this is the case with the Magnetic Messaging program. The creators of the program, especially Bobby Rio, are well known fellows in the dating niche and Bobby Rio is considered as one of the leading experts by many people when it comes to the “text massaging game”.

No Questions Money Back Guarantee

The Magnetic Messaging System is sold by a very reputable retailer of digital products that offers no questions full money back guarantee for 2 months for his products.

That simply means you have 8 weeks to try the Magnetic Messaging system with no risk at all and to decide if you are satisfied from Bobby Rio’s program or not.

I personally believe that with this kind of money back guarantee there is nothing to lose and I think that it can also imply about the quality of the Magnetic Messaging program and the confidence level that Bobby Rio has in his own program.

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magnetic messaging systemThe Cons Of Magnetic Messaging

Not For Everyone

One thing that you must understand about Magnetic Messaging is that it is not for every guy.

If you are not getting any phone numbers and you don’t have any experience with women at all, then you will probably need to work on more basic issues before you start using the Magnetic Messaging system (if this is your case then I will recommend getting this course before using Magnetic Messaging).

Some Useless Bonuses

The Magnetic Messaging system contains many components and it is one of the most comprehensive systems that you will probably find online.
However, I feel that there are some bonuses which don’t give any extra value for the user. In my opinion these bonuses were added only to make this system look more extensive which I personally don’t like.

Magnetic Messaging Is Available For Purchase Only Online

Unfortunately, at this you can only buy Magnetic Messaging online and you won’t find it in stores.


magnetic messaging reviewThe Bottom Line – Should You Buy Magnetic Messaging?

Honestly, I don’t have unequivocal answer to this question and let me explain you why.

Firstly, let me say that I personally found the Magnetic Messaging system to be very helpful for me and after reading the main guide of this program I realized that everything I did before about texting girls was simply wrong.

You see, I didn’t have any problem to meet girls and getting their phone number, however the next step always was a big failure to me and I didn’t understand why. The advice I found inside Magnetic Messaging simply changed my way of thinking and I really feel that I owe Bobby Rio and Rob Judge a lot for changing my life for good in such a short time.

With that being said, I also must say that Magnetic Messaging is not for every guy.

The first thing that you need to understand about this system (as I also mentioned before) is that it is not for “complete beginners” who never got a phone number from women before. The main goal of this system is to show you how to get the woman you want AFTER having her phone number and not before.
The second thing you need to understand is that this program requires you putting the tactics you learn to work. You need to follow Bobby Rio’s exact directions and in the right sequence if you really want to get the desired results.

If you think that just reading the main guide of Magnetic Messaging will do miracles for you then this system is absolutely not for you.
On the other hand, if you understand these two things and you are ready to put in some work, then I don’t think that you will find a better system than Magnetic Messaging.

It is a powerful system with very high success rates and the step-by-step directions from Bobby Rio and Rob Judge really makes Magnetic Messaging the most complete system you will probably find online.

Moreover, with the limited time special offer of more than $399 worth of free bonuses and especially the no questions money back guarantee there is really nothing to lose, and if you want you can actually start following the Magnetic Messaging step-by-step system even now!

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I hope that my Magnetic Messaging review was helpful and useful for you. For more questions about this system feel free to contact me and I will try to help.

I wish you the best


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